Preview of Selected Seedlings

The process of selecting new varieties of irises involves several years of evaluation for color, form, substance, branching, and growing habits. Here are some of the ones we are currently evaluating. Your comments are welcome.
B10-177A J09-118A
  B10-177A   J09-118A
J12-16A J13-57A
  J12-16A   J13-57A
J13-74B J14-2A
  J13-74B   J14-2A
J14-3A L11-7A
  J14-3A   L11-7A
L11-17C L11-25G
  L11-17C   L11-25G
L13-25A L14-6
  L13-25A   L14-6
L14-6A L14-23C
  L14-6A   L14-23C