Recent Introductions

We are pleased to offer 4 new introductions for 2017. The process of developing a new variety can be lengthy. From pollination to seeing the first bloom is two years or more. If the new seedling has promise then it is evaluated for several years to determine if it is worthy of introduction. We hope you like this years introductions.

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Blue Me Away (Lesley Painter) 37" M Blue violet standards and falls with lightening below blue white beards. Sweet fragrance. L10-106A (Indigo Princess X Monet's Blue)....$50.00
Color Fling (John Painter) 32" M Yellow standards. Orchid-purple falls with red shoulders and light yellow edge. Marigold beards. Musky fragrance J10-24A (Hearts on Fire X Moroccan Magic) ............ $50.00
Orange You Glad (John Painter) 35" M Orange standards with deeper orange falls. Ruffled with orange beards J10-57C (Brilliance X J07-42G (J05-128 x Abbondanza)).....$50.00
Rustic Charm (Lesley Painter) 35" M Standards are yellow based rosy brown. Falls have orchid tinted central area with rosy brown band at edge and also with dark cranberry shoulders and upper half of falls. Gold beards B10-177B (Solar Drama X Unknown).............$50.00
2016 Introductions
Coconut Snow (John Painter) 35" EM Ruffled pure white self. Rounded falls with good substance. White beards are yellow to gold toward throat. 7 buds with good branching. J08-12A (Winterfest X Drifting Bubbles).....$25.00
Funfetti (Lesley Painter)24" M Border Bearded. Standards and styles are orange. Falls have a white ground overlaid red-ground plicata pattern with 1/4" orange edge. Beards are orange. Musky fragrance. L03-31B (Halo Everybody X Madame Mustard)............ $18.00
Grafitti Art (John Painter) 36" E Plicata with almost solid dark magenta on standards. Falls are white ground in ther center with solid dark magenta purple outer edge. Shoulders are touched bronze. White beards are tipped blue purple. 7 buds and good branching. Slight spicy fragrance. J09-124F (Splatter Matters X Spice Lord).....$25.00
Looking Glass (Lesley Painter) 44" ML Tall pinkish white self with a deeper pink shade in the center heart of the flower. Ruffled with 7 buds. White beards rae tipped pink coral. L10-120A (Pink Positive X Drifting Bubbles)............$25.00
Trivial Pursuit (John Painter) 39" EM Standards are butterscotch gold. Falls are cranberry red with cream dots at marigold beards. 9-12 buds on consistent show branching. Nicely ruffled variegate. Slight musky scent. J09-117B ((J06-23A(J03-139A:(Spice Lord x (L99-7C:Black Tie Affair x Keppel 88-40A pollen parent of Storm Track) x Decadence)) X Hearts on Fire)...........$25.00
Tropical Treasure (Lesley Painter) 36" EL Peach-Apricot standards are tinted rose on the midribs. Style arms are peach and mauve. Falls are peach blended with orchid-mauve, lightening at beards and edges. Deep rose-mauve shoulders highlight the coral beards. & buds and nicely ruffled flowers with good branching. Lovely! L09-20D (Touch of mahogany X Picture Book).......$25.00
2015 Introductions
Caramel 'N Chocolate (John Painter) 42" M Standards are lemon beige with a more pronounced brown edge. Distinct brown lines cover most of the standards. Falls are black burgundy with minimal white haft lines. Beards are antique gold. Nice branching with 7 buds. J10-63A (Rum & Coke X Latte).....$18.00
Flamboyant Peach (John Painter)34" ML Ruffled peach standards sit atop light peach falls that have a wide band of rose-mauve and a light peach edge. Bright coral-red beards add to the color effect. Some rebloom. 6-7 buds. J07-47C (unknown X Bowled Over)............ $18.00
Lemon Jade (John Painter) 38" M This greenish yellow self has slightly darker standards and darker fall shoulders. Gold beards. Moderate sized flower with up to 7 buds. J07-47A (L05-96: (J03-222A: (Honky Tonk Blues x unknown) x Richards sdlg 10201)) X J04-6A: (Green & Gifted x Coffee Malt) .....$18.00
Quintessa (John Painter) 38" ML Wide pure white self with wavy ruffles. White beards are tipped yellow and then white at end. 7-8 buds with a slightly sweet scent. J08-1A (Dreamlife X Winterfest) ............$18.00
Ruby Red Dress (Lesley Painter) 36" L Deep cranberry red standards. Cranberry falls with violet central area below old gold beards. Dark cranberry red shoulders. 7 buds. Sibling to Dramatic Encounter - 2014 Introduction. L07-13B (Plum Wicked X Upper Hand) ...........$18.00
Splendid Spring (Lesley Painter) 39" ML Standards are a pink salmon while the falls are more pink to pink orchid. Flared flower form and very ruffled. Coral beards. Good branching with 7-8 buds L09-46D (Pink Positive X Picture Book) .......$20.00
Vibrato (Lesley Painter) 36" EM Fancy plicata with beige standards and darker beige edge. White ground falls are heavily overlaid with purple specks and lines. White tipped gold beards. 7 buds with a slightly sweet to musky scent. L08-19A (Laugh Lines X Let It Rain) ......$18.00
2014 Introductions
Double Chocolate (John Painter) 36" M Chocolate to reddish brown standards. Falls are a deeper chocolate brown. Old gold beards with inconspicuous yellow haft lines. Lightly ruffled, moderate sized flowers. 6 - 7 buds. J07-60A: (Chocolate Ecstasy X Valentino)........$15.00
Dramatic Encounter (Lesley Painter) 38" L Old gold standards with central area heavily tinted purple-plum. Dark plum falls lighter on center with deeper plum lines over lighter area. Gold beards. Musky fragrance. Good branching with 8-10 buds. L07-13C:(Plum Wicked X Upper Hand)......$15.00
Hearts on Fire (John Painter) 36" M Deep warm red with gold-tinted base and midrib. Falls are a deeper velvet red with a touch of purple below beards. Beards are antique gold. Ruffled with slightly crinkled edge. Light musky to sweet fragrance. 7-8 buds. Sibling to Cherokee Blaze 2013 J05-20C: (Valentino X House A'Fire)..................$15.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2016" from the American Iris Society

Awarded the "Clara B. Reese Cup 2016" from the American Iris Society, Region 14

Midnight Rose (Lesley Painter) 36" L Standards are a light mauve pink. Falls are blackish plum. Black purple beards are tipped old gold. Lightly ruffled with a light musky fragrance. 7 buds. L03XB parentage lost but possibly ((Bubble Up X (Chinese New Year x Romantic Evening))...$18.00
2013 Introductions
Cherokee Blaze (John Painter) 36" M Ruffled deep brick red with the falls slightly lighter. There is a prominent lavender-violet signal below the gold beards. The fall shoulders have a gold tint. Brick red color can be a more bronzy red with warm temperature. Produces 9-10 buds with good branching but can be tight at the top at times. J05-20B: (Valentino X House A'Fire).....$12.00
Jazzberry (John Painter)36" M-L Sharp contrast on this red-purple plicata with almost solid dark standards and fall edges next to a bright white center with a red-purple centerline. White based beards are purple tipped and gold in the throat. Nice form with 6-8 buds and slight musky scent. J05-2B:(Inklination X L99-7C:(Black Tie Affair x Keppel K88-40A Pollen parent of Storm Track) x L03-28A (Ostentatious x I've Got Rhythm)))............ $11.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2015" from the American Iris Society

Awarded the Gibson Cup at the American Iris Society, Region 14, 2015 Spring Regional

Awarded the Gibson Cup at the American Iris Society, Region 14, 2016 Spring Regional

Madame Mustard (Lesley Painter) 35" L Mid-sized flower of nice form. Standards are bright daffodil yellow with the falls overlaid mustard. Yellow shows beneath white and brown veins at the marigold beards. Ends of beards are lighter. Moderately ruffled with a light musky fragrance. 7 buds L00-71A: (Country Charm X L98-55A: (Hearthstone x J95-5B(Wings of Gold x Juan Valdez)).....$11.00
Planet Hollywood (Lesley Painter) 34" E-L A ruffled plicata with almost solid grape purple standards. Falls have a cream yellow base with dark grape purple edge changing to dots over lower 2/3rds of petals and a dark grape centerline. White based beards have purple center and gold tips. 7-8 or more buds with a slightly spicy fragrance. L05-134: Sibling to 2011 Chocolatte (Drama Queen X unknown)............$11.00
Pink Positive (Lesley Painter) 35" L Heavy substanced late blooming true pink. Falls are lighter below beards but darker at shoulders. Slight musky fragrance and produces 6 buds sometimes more. Holds up well in the heat. L05-121: (Coming Up Roses X L99-19: (Notorious x Birthday Greetings))...........$12.00
Rags To Riches (John Painter) 35" M Extravagantly ruffled and laced bicolor. Pinkish to mauve beige standards with a heavy infusion of purple over midrib blending toward outer edge. Falls are a deep red violet with light haft marks displayed next to the coral to coral- pink beards. Slight sweet fragrance and 7-8 buds on good branching. #J05-48 (High Emotion X Louisa's Song).......$11.00
Roll The Dice (John Painter) 34" M-L Slightly open standards of icy white with narrow faint yellow edge and deeper yellow at lower bottom edge. Contrasting dark plum purple falls set off with a narrow white to pale lavender edge. Burnt orange beards. 7-8 buds with nice rounded form and musky fragrance.J05-5D: ((L03-31A:(Halo Everybody x Madame Mustard) X Starring)......$12.00
2012 Introductions
Edge Of Glory (John Painter) 36" M-L White standards are tinted blue. Falls are white with a mottled blue wash on the lower portion and a more distinct deeper blue band at edge and shoulders. Beards are gold. Good stalk, bud count and growth. J06-21B: (((Let It Rain ((World Premiere x L98-59: (Lullabye of Spring x Romantic Evening)) X Queen's Circle).....$9.00
Golden Gaga (Lesley Painter)41" M-L Smooth golden self with caramel highlights and deeper caramel falls. Slightly more golden at marigold beards. Lightly ruffled. Good color impact. 7- 9 buds L03-54A: ((J97-20D (Rustler x Pedigree) X Golden Panther)...... $10.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2015" from the American Iris Society

Let It Rain (Lesley Painter) 36" M-L Pale lavender blue standards. White falls with lower 2/3 overlaid deep blue-purple to blackish blue purple then becoming speckled and dotted at inner edge. Gold beards. Very rounded form. Up to 8 buds. Sweet spicy fragrance. L00-27C: ((World Premiere X L98-59: (Lullabye of Spring x Romantic Evening)).....$9.00

Tied for Knopf Cup as best seedling at the 2009 AIS Region 14 Spring Regional.

Teasing Tiger (John Painter) 39" M & RE Standards and falls are cantaloupe orange. Falls are distinctly lined with maroon purple except at edge. Coral orange beards. Tall stalks with up to 11 moderately sized blooms. Has some reblooming tendency. J05-79B: (L03-28A (Ostentatious x I've Got Rhythm) X Puccini)....$12.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2014" from the American Iris Society

Awarded the Clara B. Reese Cup at the American Iris Society, Region 14, 2015 Spring Regional

Under The Boardwalk (Lesley Painter) 39' M Pale blue standards are deeper blue at base. Falls are medium blue violet with pale blue veining throughout and a narrow blue edge. Blue beards are tipped gold. Ruffled and semi flaring form. 7-9 buds with good branching. Purple based foliage. L05-98A: (Rainy River X Louisa's Song).............$10.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2014" from the American Iris Society

2011 Introductions
Chocolatte (Lesley Painter) 34" E-L Chocolate brown plicata with cream base and hints of lemon . Standards are widely banded chocolate with solid center line. Bronzy chocolate styles. Falls have a darker reddish chocolate edge with dotting toward inside. Broken center stripe. Antique gold beards. Ruffled form and sweet fragrance. 7 plus buds. L05-134B: (Drama Queen x Unknown) .......$10.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2013" from the American Iris Society

French Lavender (John Painter) 38" M-L Antique lavender purple standards become mauve purple toward edge. Style arms are same color as standards. Falls are antique lavender purple blending to mauve edges and gold tinted shoulders. Ruffled rounded form with lightly laced edges. Gold beards. Spicy fragrance. 7-10 buds. J03-158B: (Cameo Kiss X (Latin Lark x Romantic Evening)).......$9.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2013" from the American Iris Society

Inklination (John Painter) 35" M-L Sharp contrasted white and purple plicata. Standards almost solid purple except midrib area. White falls have a dark 1/2" purple edge. Black-purple style arms. Beards are white tipped purple. Sweet spicy fragrance. 7-9 buds. J03-139C: (Spice Lord X (Black Tie Affair x Keppel 88-40A: pollen parent of Storm Track)).......$8.00
Loving You (Lesley Painter) 35" True pink standards are slightly lighter toward edges. Pink style arms. Very wide falls are orchid lavender with lower edge and shoulders tinted pink. White beards are orange tipped in throat. Spicy sweet fragrance. 7-10 buds. Beautiful. L04-72B: (Amiable X (Poem of Ecstasy x Celebration Song)) .......$8.00
Mad World (John Painter) 36' M Indian red standards with bronzy red midrib. Style arms are bronze red. Orchid violet central fall are blending to indian red edge, shoulders and center stripe. Lightly marked white spray pattern at purple and gold beards. Lightly ruffled. Nicely branched with 7 buds J05-64B:((Hearthstone x ((Wings of Gold x Juan Valdez) x Golden Panther)) X House A'Fire) .......$10.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2014" from the American Iris Society

Rum and Coke (John Painter) 38" M Pale cream standards with gold tinted edge and darker golden brown lines from outer edge downward. Faint purple tinted midrib line and tan-gold style arms. Falls are blackish burgundy-plum with small spray pattern at gold beards. Lightly ruffled. Good branching with 7 buds. J05-3A: (Crimson Twist x Starring) .......$9.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2013" from the American Iris Society

Awarded a "Award of Merit 2015" from the American Iris Society

Solar Drama (Lesley Painter) 38" M Variegata with bright yellow standards. Style arms yellow touched red below lip. Falls yellow overlaid crimson with darker shoulders. Side and lower edge yellow. Slight hint of orchid below golden yellow beards. Spicy fragrance. 7 buds L03-90B: ((((Country Charm x (Hearthstone x (Wings of Gold x Juan Valdez))) X (Extrovert x Romantic Evening)) .......$8.00
Sun Chic (Lesley Painter) 37" M-L Lemon yellow standards veined with darker yellow. Yellow style arms. Bright yellow falls with few white dots at gold beards. Lightly laced edges and spicy fragrance. Good branching with 7 buds. L03-37E: (Overjoyed X Wings of Gold) .......$8.00
2010 Introductions
Cool Jazz (Lesley Painter) 38" L White standards blend to cream at base. White style arms have a touch of gold on crest and violet lip & center. Wisteria violet falls lighter to white at beards. White beards blend to yellow in throat. Lightly laced and ruffled with a light spicy fragrance. L98-25: (Jazzed Up x Spring Rhapsody) .......$7.00
Pageant's Gown (Lesley Painter) 36" M Lavender violet standards have a slighly deeper midrib. Lavender violet style arms with a deeper crest. Bishop's violet falls have a rust tipped purple beard. Laced. Repeat blooms. L03-16B: ((Honeymoon Suite x Romantic Evening) x Fashion Magic) .......$7.00
Pop Tart (Lesley Painter) 33" ML White standards with peach pink tint at base. Pansy-violet falls have a narrow lighter edge and large white blaze touched peach-pink on shoulders. White tipped coral orange beards. Slight musky sweet fragrance. L02-30G: ((Notorious x Jazzed Up) x Starring).......$8.00
Rich Girl (Lesley Painter) 36" M Peach pink standards and peach style arms. Peach orange falls are lighter below melon orange beards. Ruffled & lightly laced. Slight citrus fragrance. L03-25E: ((Wings of Gold x Juan Valdez) x Bubble Up)......$7.00
Spice Trader (John Painter) 36" M Golden bronze standards with topaz brown edge. Style arms are a golden bronze. Gold falls overlaid with bronze wash and violet blaze and have a pencil thin brown edge. Marigold beards. J03-143A: (Golden Panther x(Rustler x Hearthstone)) ......$8.00

Runner up for the "John C Wister Medal 2016" from the American Iris Society

Awarded a "High Commendation Award 2009" from the American Iris Society.

Winner of the Cotillion Cup from the American Iris Society - Region 14 for the "Best Introduction for 2010"

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2012" from the American Iris Society

Awarded a "Award of Merit 2014" from the American Iris Society

Splatter Matters (John Painter) 35" M Standards dark pansy violet streaked mottled white and aster violet. Falls same but more heavily marked than standards. Violet and white beards. Slight spicy fragrance. J04-14A: (Jumpin Jack Flash x Telepathy)......$8.00

Awarded a "Award of Merit 2016" from the American Iris Society

Awarded "Best Broken Color Variety" at the 2012 Firenze International Competition in Florence, Italy

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2013" from the American Iris Society

Stan Coates (Lesley Painter) 39" EM White standards with 1/2" turquoise blue tint edges. Creamy midrib base. Styles light turquoise blue. White falls with turquoise wash on falls. White beards are yellow in throat. Named after a departed friend and past AIS judge. L03-49A: (Navajo Jewel x Altruist)......$8.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2013" from the American Iris Society

2009 Introductions
Cosmic Celebration (Lesley Painter) 36" EM White standards are touched with tan at lower edges. Falls are midnight purple changing to bright mid-purple at edges of white star burst pattern. Prominent white streak below coral red beards. Slight sweet fragrance. Up to 7 buds. Great contrast and most notable. L00-28B: ((L98-73:Jazzed Up x Dance Hall Dolly) x Romantic Evening) x Starring.....$9.00
Fashion Magic (John Painter) 36" M Standards are warm Pink. Falls are a fuchsia-violet. Coral orange beards. Nicely ruffled. Slight musky fragrance. 7 to 10 buds. Makes a nice color statement. J00-19C: (Heartbreak Hotel x Romantic Evening)......$7.00
Painted Lady Lavender (John Painter) 36" M White standards. Falls are lavender purple with white streaks and splashes. Edge of falls lighten to tannish lavender. Beards are coral red and white toward ends. Lightly ruffled. 7 to 9 buds. A cheerful and bright broken color amoena. J02-38B: ((Brindled Beauty x Hearthstone) x Starring).....$8.00
Plum Wicked (Lesley Painter) 37" M-L Tan to butterscotch standards are tinted purple up the midrib and blending outward. Dark plum purple falls have a hint of violet below beards. Dark veins appear below gold tipped beards. Ruffled with a slight sweet fragrance. 7 to 8 buds. Presents a sultry mood in the garden. L02-28B: (Snowed In x Brazilian Holiday)...$8.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2011" from the American Iris Society

2008 Introductions
Lemon Cloud (Lesley Painter) 37" M Standards are white with some lemon veining. Falls are a bright lemon yellow with a white spray pattern at beards and sometimes displays a white centerline. The edges of the falls lighten and change to a narrow rim of white. The flower is lightly ruffled with rounded falls. Beards are white at end with yellow to gold tips toward throat. Slight sweet fragrance. Nicely branched with 7-9 buds. L03-36D: (Wings of Gold X Overjoyed)....$6.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2010" from the American Iris Society

Liberty Classic (Lesley Painter) 39" ML White standards with a wide blue-violet plicata edge and midrib line. Blue-violet specks spread over rest of standards. Falls are a clean white with narrow blue-violet plicata edge. White beards lightly touched violet. Lightly ruffled with up to 7 buds. Slight sweet fragrance. Tends to be on the tall side. L98-36A: (Classic Look X Keppel seedling 88-40A (pollen parent of Storm Track)........$6.00
Road To Glory (John Painter) 35" M Bright yellow standards. Falls are crimson red with a large central area of yellow and white below beards. Beards are golden yellow. Lightly ruffled. Colorful garden showoff! 6-7 buds. Slight sweet fragrance. J00-10C: (Starship Enterprise x Lena Baker).......$6.00
Spades (Lesley Painter) 36" M Standards are a glossy purple-black. Falls are a velvety purple black. Dark purple beards have light purple tips blending to yellow tips in the throat. This moderately sized flower is lightly ruffled with a slight sweet musky scent. 7 buds. L99-3B: (Before the Storm X seedling L96-64B (seedling L94-1B (Best Bet x Twist of Fate) x Tempting Fate)))...$6.00

Winner of the American Iris Society High Commendation Award 2005

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2010" from the American Iris Society

Valentino (John Painter) 36" EL Cardinal red standards with a bronze red base and midrib. Falls are a darker cardinal red with narrow lighter side edges. Bright gold beards and sometimes a hint of a gold centerline. Rounded and lightly ruffled falls. 7-10 buds. A very husky and prolific grower. J03-148A: (Crimson Twist x Golden Panther) .. $7.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2010" from the American Iris Society

2007 Introductions
Dreamlife (Lesley Painter) 37" M Standards and style arms are white. Falls are white with a blue wash that is darkest at shoulders and with a touch of lemon at the hafts. Beards are white with yellow towards the throat. Good stalks, branching and bud count. Nicely ruffled. Slight sweet fragrance L02-31B: (Seakist x Sea Power)...$6.00
Petal Pushers (John Painter) 36" M Standards are light pink. Falls are orchid-mauve with a slightly darker edge. Orange beards end with large upturned orchid-mauve flounces. Standards and falls are laced. Slight musky fragrance J00-6: (Imaginarium x Heartbreak Hotel)...$7.00
2006 Introductions
Candy Club (Lesley Painter) 36" M-L Hard to describe! Mauve pink standards that are flushed yellow cream on midribs. Falls have a white ground with heavy raspberry plicata marks at lower edge and sides. Yellow shoulders have red violet plicata dots above raspberry dots over lower half of falls. Beards are white tipped gold. Ruffled and lightly laced L00-33B: (Jazzed Up x New Leaf)...$7.00
River Romance (Lesley Painter) 36" M-L French blue with hints of violet. Falls are slightly lighter at blue beards. Nicely ruffled. It has a slight spicy scent L00-59: (Yaquina Blue x Overseas)...$6.00
2005 Introductions
Brilliance (Lesley Painter) 32" M A bright Spanish-orange self that has deep orange beards. It is heavily ruffled and has a citrus fragrance. L97-7: (Quito x Pedigree)...$7.00

Most votes for American Iris Society 2004 "High Commendation Award"!

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2007" from the American Iris Society

Jealous Halo (John Painter) 37" M Standards and falls are a clean white. Standards have a narrow bright yellow edge. Falls have a yellow edge to underside that faintly shows through to upper side. The beards are a brightly contrasting red-orange. The form is ruffled and flaring. J97-23A: (Jolt x Pedigree)...$6.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2008" from the International Iris Competition in Florence, Italy

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2009" from the American Iris Society

Rainy River (Lesley Painter) 36" L Standards are light blue with a deeper midrib base. Falls are a violet blue overlaid with deep violet. The beards are violet tipped lighter. Nicely ruffled with broad rounded falls. L98-9C: (Tempting Fate x Honky Tonk Blues)...$7.00

A runner up for Perry Dyer's Contemporary Award "BEST NEW IRIS" for 2005/2006 and noted as "the best Neglecta on the market".

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2007" from the American Iris Society

2004 Introductions
Accidental Woman (Lesley Painter) 34" M A wide ruffled violet blue. Midribs deepening toward the base. The falls are a lighter violet blue. Beards are light violet blue, gold in the throat .7 buds. L97-46: (In Reverse x Honky Tonk Blues)...$6.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2007" from the American Iris Society

Jumpin Jack Flash (John Painter) 34" ML Standards are a deep pansy purple with streaks of white. Falls are deep pansy purple more heavily streaked white. Beards are light purple. Lightly ruffled. 7 buds on multiple branching . Purple based foliage.J98-111: (Gnus Flash x Keppel 88-40A)...$6.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2006" from the American Iris Society

Pickledilly (Lesley Painter) 38" ML Standards start out as pale mint which ages to smoke white. Falls are greenish yellow with darker hafts and deeper veining. Falls develop smoke gray influence with warmer temperatures. Green reverse to the falls. Marigold beards. Well behaved grower, nice stalks with 6-9 buds. Slight spicy scent.L98-89: (Imaginarium x Indigo Princess)...$6.00

Winner of the 7th Honourable Mention Award from the 2007 International Iris Competition in Florence, Italy

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2007" from the American Iris Society

2003 Introductions
Endearing Charm (Lesley Painter) 35" ML A dusky methyl violet self. Falls have prominent gold shoulders. Beards are gold with white at end. Nicely ruffled. This is Mom's favorite! L98-27B: (Notable X (Goodbye Heart x Titan's Glory)).....$5.00
Cameo Kiss (John Painter) 36" M Ivory Standards with flesh pink influence. Style arms and crest the same. Falls are deeper flesh pink with purple haft marks; edges pale to ivory, especially at the sites. Beards are purple based changing to terra cotta. Nicely ruffled and flared J95-32A: (Wings of Gold x Peking Summer)...$5.00

Awarded a "Honorable Mention 2008" from the American Iris Society

Purple Ritz (Lesley Painter) 36" M Pleats and heavy ruffles make this deep violet purple self special. Beards are blue violet. Area around beards is lighter. L95-33B: (Indigo Princess x Titan's Glory)...$5.00

Awarded the Knopf Cup for "Best Seedling" at the American Iris Society, Region 14, 2003 Spring Regional & "Honorable Mention 2005" from the American Iris Society

Winner of the Leila and Paolo Tarini Prize for the Best Violet Variety at the 2007 International Iris Competition in Florence, Italy