Dividing your iris

     It is a good idea to dig up your irises every few years in order to maintain healthy plants and promote vigorous blooming. After several years in the same location the rhizomes become crowded and bloom stalk size and vigor will begin to diminish. The soil also will need replenishment. Digging and dividing the plants will also give you more individual plants and allow spreading a particular variety to more areas.

Iris rhizome before division  
The process begins with digging up an entire iris plant with a shovel or spading fork. Care should be taken to not mix varieties or plants.
Cutting the plant  
Once the plant is out of the ground, divide the plants by cutting the individual rhizomes from the original rhizome.
Cutting the plant  
Each rhizome is a distinct plant with its own leaves and root structure.
Trim the leaves  
Trim the leaves to a fan shape approximately 6" long.
Trim the roots  
The roots should also be trimmed to about 6" long.
finished and ready to plant  
The rhizome is now ready to be transplanted into your prepared soil. The soil should be kept moist but not too wet until the iris is established.