Garden Welcome

Welcome to our 2018 garden website. Orders are now being taken for July-August delivery. There are 441 varieties with 50 new iris varieties for this year while also deleting some of the older varieties. We also have a good selection of potted peonies which will be available during the Spring bloom open garden in addition to a large assortment of potted irises from the shadehouses. Potted plants are available only at the garden during this time. Orders for the bare root irises that are shipped in July and August can be placed on the website or by mail through June 25,2018.

As we write this in early January we have gotten some much needed rain. While there hase been enough rain to keep the beds moist, the month of December has seen only .1" of rain.It remains to be seen whether we will get normal rainfall for the season or revert to a drought condition. Irises are pretty drought tolerant and because rotate the growing beds and add compost yearly moisture and growth should be no problem.

We received numerous awards in 2017 for which we are grateful and want to thank all the judges who voted for them. Hybridizing along side the commercial aspects of the garden takes a lot of extra work and effort.

Peonies at the Garden

We are again offering a greate selection of 3-5 gallon pots of both herbaceous varieties and especially the less common and very popular ITOH varieties. The peonies will only be available at the garden during our open garden this spring. Check out the peony page on the website for pictures of most of the varieties we have available. Don't miss the oportunity to expand your collection and begin a new one.

Garden Status

Update January 12, 2018
The display garden is open for visitors only during the Spring bloom season. The opening date will be determined once we get closer to the bloom. Last day open for 2018 will be Sunday May 6. Hours will be Friday-Sunday 10am to 5pm during the bloom. The garden is closed Monday-Thursday.

Please visit the garden and enjoy the iris and peonies in bloom this spring. Orders for bareroot delivery in July/August are now being taken.