Garden Welcome

Welcome to our 2017 garden website. Orders are now being taken for July-August delivery. There are 476 varieties with 25 new iris varieties for this year while also deleting some of the older varieties. We've been trying to cut back as we get older but it is such an arduous task and difficult to do with so many fantastic iris to consider - do they stay or do they go? Most of the irises we carry are the tall bearded type. We are actually in the process of replacing some of the iris varieties with a selection of beautiful peonies and are offering a selection of potted peonies that can be purchased at the garden during the open garden season in the spring. Due to the popularity of peonies we have expanded the number of varieties offered as well as the number of each variety available. We are still carrying a large assortment of potted irises that are available at the garden. Orders for the bare root irises that are shipped in July and August can be placed on the website or by mail through July 15,2017.

Growth for the irises was very good in 2016 and we anticipate similiar growth this year. This year seems to be more on the colder side and we are hopeful that the rainfall amounts will be sufficient to end our drought conditions. As this is written in mid January we are at or above seasonal averages with more rain on the way. We were able to keep enough moisture to the plants in 2016 otherwise they would have gone semi-dormant during the summer growing season.

We were excited by several awards we received from the American Iris Society in 2016. Spice Trader was a runner up for the John C. Wister Medal. Splatter Matters received an Award of Merit while Teasing Tiger and French Lavender were runners up for the Award of Merit. Hearts on Fire received an Honourable Mention while Cherokee Blaze, Double Chocolate and Planet Hollywood were runner ups. Also John's Jazzberry received the Gibson Cup and Hearts on Fire received the Clara B Reese Cup from Region 14 of the American Iris Society. Thanks to all the judges who voted for them.

Peonies at the Garden

We are also expanding the quantity and selection of peonies this year. They proved very popular as potted plants last year so we decided to offer more this year . Look for a greater selection of 3-5 gallon pots of both herbaceous varieties and especially the less common and very popular ITOH varieties. The peonies will only be available at the garden during our open garden this spring. Check out the peony page on the website for pictures of most of the varieties we have available. Don't miss the oportunity to expand your collection and begin a new one.

The website will now be taking orders for July-August 2017 delivery. Remember to login if a returning customer or create your online account before placing items in your shopping cart to avoid problems. Please check our Order Guide for more information. We also strive very hard to contain shipping costs as they tend to escalate each year. Click here for current shipping costs.

Garden Status

Update April 27, 2017
The garden is showing great color. This upcoming weekend should be peak bloom!  There is still a good selection of potted plants available for those. The display garden will open Friday, April 14 and close Sunday, May 7. The garden will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday only through Sunday May 7. Hours will be 10 am to 4:30 pm.

There have been quite a few requests for peonies this year. We have expanded the number of varieties and quantities. The potted peonies will be available only during the open garden times listed here as we do not ship peonies as we do the bare root irises. Unfortunately we cannot take credit cards here at the garden - purchases are by cash or check only.  Hope to see you in the garden!